Answering Common Questions About Overnight Spot Treatment

Are you about to start using overnight spot treatment that comes in the form of those little hydrocolloid patches? If so, you may have a number of questions that you’d like to answer before using them. Of course, you want to get the utmost from them, and a little knowledge goes a long way.

So, we thought that we’d put this FAQs blog together, so you can get the answers you seek. These are the questions on everyone’s lips, so let’s get stuck right in. 

Question: What Are Overnight Spot Treatment Patches Made Of?

Answer: Used widely in the medical industry – but in much larger sheets to treat body wounds – for decades, overnight spot treatment patches are formed of hydrocolloid material. One side is a soft latex material, whereas the other side is covered in a soothing gel. They’re designed to help to heal and stop you from picking!

Question: How Long Do They Need to Be Worn?

Answer: Generally speaking, you need to remove them after 6-8 hours, as they’re not designed to be left on any longer. After this amount of time, your patches will be full of gunk drawn out from your zit, so they need replacing. 

Question: Do They Work On All Types of Acne?

Answer: No, they don’t. They’re only meant for open wounds, so if you place them over zits that haven’t broken the surface, it’s not going to do an awful lot. 

Question: Can You Treat Acne With Patches Alone?

Answer: No. Spot patches are designed to be a complementary product that allows you to get rid of your acne, but only when used alongside something like benzoyl peroxide products. They don’t treat the cause of the problem – rather, they just help you to heal spots that already exist. 

Question: How Do You Stop Them Falling Off?

Answer: The adhesive that’s put on the skin side of your spot patches is typically enough to keep them in place for the duration of the treatment. That’s why you need to clean and dry the area before you apply them. The adhesive doesn’t typically do well when there’s moisture about.

Question: Do They Actually Work?

Answer: Absolutely, they do, yes! When used for their correct purpose, they’re great at keeping the area hygienic while also stopping you from accidentally spreading bacteria to other areas of your face. You’ll normally find that people who aren’t using them properly are the ones saying they don’t work.

Question: Is One Patch Usually Enough?

Answer: Often, it’s sufficient, yes. However, there may be occasions when you’re dealing with a particularly bad spot that needs a bit more time for everything to be drawn out. If that is the case, re-clean the area and reapply. Simple!

Try Overnight Spot Treatment Patches Today – If You Haven’t Already!

As we’ve seen moving through this FAQ article, spot patches are effective when used the right way. You’ll typically need to leave them on for around 6-8 hours, and there will be times when more is needed. 

The important thing here is to understand that they’re there for you to use – but only when you’ve got an open wound to deal with. There’s zero point using them on deep acne, like nodules and cysts, and they need to be backed by an appropriate benzoyl peroxide product. 

That’s the long and short of it, so get out and there and add some to your skincare routine today. Your skin will thank you for it.

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