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Can a Child Have Their Own Travel Insurance?

Can a child have their own travel insurance policy? That depends. Some insurers automatically cover pre-existing conditions, while others do not. Make sure your child understands what their policy covers, and keep the policy with them while you are on your trip. Also, check if the insurance provider has a 24-hour assistance service. That way, you can contact them for help in any country. Having travel insurance for your child will ensure their safety and peace of mind while travelling.

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If your child is under the age of 18, you can use a family travel insurance policy. In such a case, you can add your child to your annual policy. However, if your child is younger than 18, you must take out a separate travel insurance policy. In such a case, your child’s travel insurance policy should cover pre-existing conditions, medical expenses, lost medication, and evacuation costs.

Some policies also offer specific coverage for pre-existing conditions. This type of coverage is usually more affordable than annual policies. Single-trip travel insurance only covers a child’s trip once a year. But you can always buy additional coverage for multiple trips. If your child is planning on traveling more than twice a year, an annual policy is a better option. Alternatively, if you are worried about cost, consider getting a family travel insurance policy.

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