Comprehending the Eight Cookie Occupations in Cookie Run: Kingdom

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, there are eight distinctive cookie professions – each having its own unique gameplay and advantages. This guide basically provides information on the Eight Cookie Professions; by reading it, you can enhance your skills with each type of cookie to become a star in the game.

1. Kinds of Defense

Cookies of the defensive variety are incredibly sturdy and can fend off a great deal of damage, making them suitable for the frontline of a team. Unfortunately, they tend to have weaker offensive capabilities.

It is suggested to have cookies as a snack.

– The Madeleine Cookie (Super Rare): This cookie is able to transform light into powerful sword strokes that reach far away, and Guangde’s aura shields it from any debuffs.

– Avocado Cookie (Uncommon): This cookie packs a punch, delivering hammer strikes that create an area of impact and amplifying the attack power of the team member with the strongest attack.

– Warrior Cookie (Rare): This courageous Cookie charges ahead without any fear, dealing damage to foes in the first row and goading them into attacking.

2. Types of Assault

Cookies of the Assault type are particularly strong in terms of stamina and defense, just behind Defense type. But their offensive power is unmatched, and they specialize in close-quarter combat, making them ideal frontrunners in battles.

Cookies We Suggest:

– Dark Choco Cookie (Super Rare): Utilizing a huge sword, Dark Choco Cookie slams the ground which produces lightning strikes, causing considerable harm to adversaries affected by disable magic, briefly reducing their defense.

– Werewolf Cookie (Super Rare): This cookie has difficulty controlling the force his paw possesses, resulting in damage to his surroundings as he shifts into a wolf. Once he awakens, his endurance is increased which facilitates him to execute two powerful attacks that encompass a wide range.

– Princess Cookie (Rare): Sweet Cookie, the voyaging princess, delivers a powerful strike with a cheerful expression while swinging her wand and causing devastation in the vicinity. Opponents hit by her attack suddenly have lowered defense.

Surprise Kind

The third type of surprise is the surprise kind. This entails unexpected events or occurrences that catch one off guard. Such surprises can be anything from a change in plans to a completely unanticipated situation.

The attack speed of surprise type cookies is quite impressive, allowing them to take out opponents who are not expecting it. Even though their durability may not be as strong, they typically fit into the middle and back rows of a group.

Cookies that are suggested by us:

– Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Cookie (Super Rare): This agile Cookie has the ability to quickly attack backline enemies, causing area damage. Her four-hit combo culminates in a powerful critical strike.

– Adventurer Cookie (Rare): This rare cookie engages enemies from a distance, using a rope to bind them as they are attacked.

– Ninja Cookie (Rare): This special cookie can launch two shurikens with incredible speed, dealing damage to any foes in its vicinity.

4. Wonderous Typing

The potency of magic type cookies lies in their capacity to cause great destruction through their various magical powers. They are most effective when attacking from a distance but are not very durable, usually found in the middle to rear of the battle line.

It is suggested to bake cookies as a treat.

– Espresso Cookie (Super Rare): This cookie summons a powerful vortex that inflicts harm to far-off adversaries and pulls them to the epicenter of the spell.

– Powdered Sugar Cookie (Super Rare): With a wave of her wand, Powdered Sugar Cookie evokes a flurry of snowflakes that call forth the Snow Queen’s creature, producing a sustained snowstorm which causes damage to its surroundings. Opponents that are frozen experience a notable reduction in their attack speed.

– Blackberry Cookie (Rare): This rare cookie conjures up small apparitions that boost the critical hit chance for our party. These spectral beings flit around the battlefield, attacking foes with multiple blows.

5. Kind of Assistance

The fifth kind of help that is available is support type.

Cookies specializing in support roles are adept at providing various benefits to their allies, like increased damage, negating negative effects, and restoring energy. As they typically cannot endure long in battle, they are best positioned behind the defensive or offensive types in the back row.

Cookies to Consider:

– Mint Choco Cookie (Super Rare): The soothing sounds of the Mint Choco Cookie can bolster the team, quickly replenishing the strength of any cookie and augmenting their attack speed.

– Pomegranate Cookie (Super Rare): This cookie employs red magic to recover the vigor of cookies gradually and increases the team’s attack strength for a short time.

– The Rare Lucky Clover Cookie is capable of dispelling any negative effects from any ally, and additionally gives them a boost to their stamina, all with a pleasant musical accompaniment.

6. Type of Shooter

The type of shooter can be identified in six different ways.

The primary attack power of a team comes from the Shooter type of cookie, which can deliver multiple shots to targets in a short space of time. However, they are not very resilient and should be kept in the back row to shield them from direct enemy attacks.

Cookies that are Suggested:

– Rye Cookie (Super Rare): This cookie rapidly shoots at the foe with exact shots, inflicting severe harm to a single target. The thrill increases the rate of attack for a while.

– Forest Guardian Cookie (Super Rare): This Cookie charges forth on Cream Tiger, causing area damage and stunning foes. During the Tiger Knight’s dash, she uses her claws to execute swift and powerful strikes.

– Beet Cookie (Common): This skill uses keen observational abilities to fire off a volley of beet-tipped arrows at the foe with the least amount of energy.

7. Explosive Characteristics

Explosives are substances that, when triggered, release a substantial amount of energy in a short period of time.

Though not the strongest in terms of attack power, explosive type cookies are able to cause multiple instances of harm or damage to opponents. Additionally, certain abilities may be able to induce negative effects like poison, stun, or slow. Generally, these cookies reside in the mid or back ranks of the team formation.

It is suggested that cookies be consumed.

– Super Rare Poison Mushroom Cookie: Growing mushrooms that emit a purple poison, this cookie weakens adversaries mentally but without any ill will.

– Rare Bubble Gum Cookie: This artistic individual fires off a trio of bubblegum projectiles that cause damage to a broad area. When foes are caught in the gum, their attack speed will slow.

– Cherry Cookie (Rare): This cookie throws out an immense cherry bomb that produces area destruction and stuns adversaries when it detonates.

8. Kind of Recuperation

This section focuses on the type of recovery that needs to be undertaken.

Cookies with restorative powers can bring back a large portion of stamina to their allies. Nevertheless, their attack capability and protection are somewhat weak, placing them in the last position in the squad.

It is suggested that one should eat cookies.

– Herb Cookie (Super Rare): The reviving powers of Herb Cookie’s Soothing Garden replenishes the energy of all the cookies and eliminates any negative effects on our team. Furthermore, the continuous sprouting of new growths aids in restoring stamina.

– Soda Cookie (Super Rare): This special cookie employs a freshly blended cocktail to revitalize the stamina of two teammates who are running low and additionally revs up the morale of the group, amplifying the critical hit rate.

– Kasadi III Cookie (Rare): This cookie has the capability to restore stamina to the two teammates with the least amount and also initiates an impermanent shield.


Investing considerable effort is needed to pick up the many cookie skills in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Speed up the process by downloading the Redfinger Android emulator and making use of its ability to log in to multiple accounts simultaneously. Doing so allows gamers to finish tasks quickly and accelerate their development.

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