Do Not Return To Work Early After Getting Hurt

If you suffer injuries at the workplace, your doctor will recommend you stay at home away from work to make a full recovery. While getting hurt is not something to celebrate, you can enjoy the leisure time away from the daily grind for some time. However, it is still common for injured employees to start working early because they either get bored or fear losing their job. Although the main goal is to return to work as soon as possible, rejoining the work is not a good idea until your doctor gives permission. Click here to learn more about workplace injury and how to seek compensation. 

Do not return to work early after getting hurt.

There are several reasons not to return to work after sustaining injuries.

  • You can further injure yourself.

There is a reason why the doctor recommended you stay at home, give you a deadline for complete rest, and not return back to work. Even if you start feeling great after some time, your injuries are not fully healed. Once you re-injure yourself, recovering would take a long time, but it can put the worker’s compensation benefits in danger Celebrity net worth

  • Chance of losing your worker’s compensation benefits

The employer’s insurance company will only look out for their best interests, which means the adjuster will discover a way to deny your claim or pay a small amount for compensation. If you return back to work before the healing deadline, the insurer will claim that the injury was not serious as you claimed.

  • The job is secured

Many people return to work for fear of losing their job. On the other hand, employers are not allowed to ask or threaten their employees to get back to work before healing the injuries. Similarly, the employer cannot terminate your position for not coming back to work or give your position to someone else.

If you receive workers’ compensation benefits after being injured on the job, getting notice of the ability to return to work can raise questions in your mind.

Once you receive the notice of Ability to work, you should contact your lawyer, who can help you to understand the rights in this situation. 

The notice of the ability to return back to work immediately after a heavy accident can lose every benefit of future compensation. Insurance companies often use tactics to make you settle for less compensation amount.

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