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How to Find B2B Companies

If you are looking for B2B companies, you might wonder: How to find B2B leads? First of all, you should make a list of industries. After you have identified which industries you want to target, you should find the names of decision-makers who can make the final purchase decision. Once you have this list, you should then work on targeting the right people within the companies. However, if you are not sure how to find B2B leads, you can consider buying B2B lead lists.

LinkedIn is a great source of a wide variety of specialized business leads. LinkedIn has a vast database of information about companies, people connected to them, and other industry news. Other platforms have categories and collections of businesses that provide reference points for Woodpecker campaigns. Here are 15 websites that provide a wide variety of companies and prospects. Choose a few to start your search. Then, start networking with these prospects.

LinkedIn is another good place to find B2B leads. You can sort by industry or city to find the companies that match your profile. Then, use the filtering features to narrow your results. Once you’ve narrowed down your lists, follow the company on LinkedIn and subscribe to its email newsletter. Then, use Xing and LinkedIn business networks to close the contact gap. Using specialized search engines such as “Who Delivers What?” will help you narrow down your search.

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