Is a Bachelor in Information Technology Technology Worth It?

A bachelor’s degree in information technology can lead to a number of high-paying careers. There are projected to be 531,200 new IT jobs in the next few years. A bachelor’s degree in the field can help you get an entry-level position, while a master’s degree or doctorate will give you more job options. If you’re considering earning a bachelor’s degree, you’ll want to consider the following reasons.

While a bachelor’s degree in information technology does not guarantee a job in a specific field, it can prepare you for several high-paying IT jobs. You can also go on to earn a higher salary if you wish to move up in the field. Many employers place an emphasis on college degrees when hiring new employees, so a bachelor’s degree in information technology can be a good way to start a rewarding career in tech.

Information technology is an extensive field and the curriculum in most colleges and universities varies. Your degree program may focus on general business-related project management, specialized database design, algorithms, cybersecurity, telecommunications, and coding. You’ll likely also be required to complete a special project. The program will also include competency areas like leadership, communication, and decision-making. The career options are endless.

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A bachelor’s degree in information technology can lead to a variety of lucrative IT jobs. The average salary for an IT professional is around $83,000 per year, though it can be higher depending on location, industry, and job title. The average salary for an IT professional with a master’s degree is $74,000, and you can expect to make up to eight-thousand dollars per year, or more. It will take more time to build a successful career, but the advantages far outweigh the costs.

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