Is a Magnetic Screen Door Right for Your Home?

You may remember childhood summers spent running out the screen door into your backyard. While the nostalgia is great, the reality of screen doors is that they aren’t very practical. They may do some good in keeping out bugs and letting in the breeze, but they aren’t hands-free or child and pet friendly.

Holding open the screen door with your hands full, or for your child or pet, lets in a lot of the bugs you’re trying to keep out! It also defeats the purpose of the convenience of allowing pets and children to pass through without assistance.

The main reason we hesitate using a magnetic screen door is that it would be difficult to install or not be right for our homes. We have all been there, purchasing something that claims to be “easy to install” when we end up destroying it in the attempt and having to send it back. Or worse – we waste the money and just not use it. Then we are right back where we started.

Fortunately, happy Amazon customers who have purchased magnetic screen doors and tried them confirm that they are right for most homes, and here is why.

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Front and Sliding Doors

If you have a sliding glass door, chances are you have a screen door too – so you may be wondering how a magnetic screen door would be right for your set-up. If you want the same protection against bugs in your home, but the added convenience of hands-free, then you want to try a magnetic door.

Not only does the hands-free walk-through make life easier, it makes it safer too. Sliding glass doors are often a problem for pets and children who cannot often tell if the door is open or closed (or if it’s the screen versus the glass). A magnetic screen door eliminates the problem of running or walking into the glass or screen.

You also no longer have to worry about spilling food or drink trying to open and close a screen door. And the best part is, the screen closes behind you just as easily as it opened. No follow-up required!

In addition to fulfilling the demands of a super-efficient screen for sliding doors, a magnetic screen door will work with any front door or doorway in your home as well! Just confirm with a pre-measuring of your space as the magnetic screen door will fit most 38×82 inch openings.

Anyone Can Install It

By saying anyone can install something, it feels like the ad is setting you up to fail. Rest assured, many testimonials speak to the ease of installing a magnetic screen door. As mentioned, the door is already sized to fit most standard sized doorways.

To customize, lay the door flat and attach the magnet sides together. Hold it up to the space and if needed, do some trimming to re-size. More than likely you won’t have to make any adjustments. Simply use the hook and loop tape or thumbtacks to secure to the wall.

Another important fact that is often overlooked, is that the magnetic screen door can be removed as easily as it was installed. Unlike other screen door options, the magnetic screen door can be temporary, or left up all year long!

Look Mom, No Hands

Everyone can benefit from a magnetic screen door that is completely hands-free. Think about every time your arms were full with a food tray or drinks, or you let a ton of flies in the house by holding open the screen door for someone else.

With a magnetic screen door, it works for you and not against you. The retractable magnets securely keep the door closed until right up to the moment that you walk through it. No more bugs coming in and out, and there are even more conveniences you may not have even thought about.

Housebreaking your pet can be even easier than ever, now your pet doesn’t have to wait for you. They can go in and out whenever they want without disturbing you in the process. And as mentioned, a magnetic screen door is much safer for pets and children to pass through.

There are many reasons why a magnetic screen door is right for your home. In addition to the safety benefits for your pets and children, the retractable magnetic design allows for a convenient and instant, hands-free open and close. Magnetic screen doors can also work in virtually any open space and with any standard sized doorway with little or no re-sizing needed.

A magnetic screen door solves a lot of problems that you probably didn’t even know you had when considering a screen option. Be assured that you really can’t go wrong by purchasing one for your home.

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