Orange County car accident lawyers: What to expect when hiring one?

If you live in Orange County, you know car accidents and crashes are not rare here. People often suffer catastrophic injuries in such mishaps, and because they don’t always know the laws, they also fail to recover compensation for their losses. California is a fault state, which means that when a driver acts negligently and causes an accident, they are also liable for losses endured by others. It is pertinent to seek advice and help from an experienced lawyer to ensure that the victim’s rights are protected. If you are hiring an Orange County car accident lawyer, here are some key things to expect.

Immediate help

The response is one of the key things to consider when it comes to comparing lawyers. Did you have a hard time contacting an attorney? Did you get an appointment within a week? Is the lawyer going to meet you in person? Expect a good accident lawyer to prioritize your case and offer immediate help.

Answers to your questions

While car accident lawyers are busy professionals, they are expected to answer client questions. When you step into a lawyer’s office, ask questions like –

  1. What are your initial impressions of my claim?
  2. Do I have a valid claim? If yes, what can I hope to get in compensation?
  3. Do you have a team to respond to further queries?
  4. Will you work on the case personally?
  5. What factors can adversely affect my case?

Contingency fee

No matter whether your case is a minor matter or a complex case with many parties involved, accident lawyers in Orange County are expected to work on a contingency fee. Instead of asking for an hourly rate, your lawyer should charge a fixed share of the final amount you recover. The lawyer may have to work for many hours, but they get that kind of fee. You should insist on having a clear contract or engagement letter from the accident lawyer. The lawyer should also explain the expected costs of the claim that are your responsibility.


A competent accident lawyer will never lie or misrepresent facts to win a client. They will ensure that clients are aware of the possible outcomes. The lawyer will explain the legal options that you can consider and how your choices may influence the result.

Call an attorney soon after the car crash, as you have two years to file a civil lawsuit Urdughr.

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