Sunscreen SPF 50 & The Sun Protection Myths to Forget

With as much information on the web as your brain can handle, all available in the palm of your hand, it can be easy to get convinced by urban myths about sunscreen SPF 50. The thing is, if you lend credibility to the tales you hear from others – rather than listening to the experts – you’re the one who’s going to suffer. So, you need to ignore them!

Here we cast an eye over some of the apocryphal stories and claims that people make in order that you’re able to discern fact from fiction and stay sun safe.

Myth – One Application of Sunscreen SPF 50 Works All Day Long 

There are some people out there who are convinced that a high-protection option like sunscreen SPF 50 is sufficiently protective that it only needs one application. If you’re outside for around 2 hours, then you’ll be ok, but a minute longer, and you start to become vulnerable to sun damage.

You need to reapply every 2 hours without fail for the duration of your sun exposure. If you don’t, you’re not protected. It might seem blunt, but that’s the reality. 

Myth – When Your Skin’s Tanned, It’s Healthier

When someone who hasn’t seen you since you went on holiday says, ‘Ooh, you look well’ because of the tan you brought back with you, what they’re actually saying is ‘You look good’. You see, tanning is not a sign of health, but it can make you look healthier – there’s a difference. Your tan is actually a sign that your skin is trying to cope with UV rays – nothing more. 

Myth – Sunscreen’s Just For Sunny Days

Perhaps the most common misconception out there when it comes to sun safety is that sunscreen is only useful on sunny days. The problem is, there’s more than one type of UV ray, and there’s a type that goes through clouds, so you’re not safe, even if it’s overcast and dull-looking outside. Sure, it takes longer, but it still happens, so sunscreen is a must. 

Myth – People With Darker Skin Don’t Need Sunscreen 

While it’s clear that people with pale, white skin need to be protected from damage, there are many out there who feel that those with darker skin tones are less susceptible to ageing and sunburn. People with darker skin have more melanin present, so they’re not AS susceptible to burning, but that doesn’t mean they’re invulnerable. If you’ve got brown or black skin, it’s still needed.

Knowledge AND Sunscreen SPF 50 Is Needed For Safety

These have just been a tiny selection of the falsehoods that are circulating when it comes to sun safety and the products created to protect against it. However, if you can remember that all these myths are exactly that…myths… you’ll be able to keep yourself and your family safe. 

So, to recap – you need sunscreen every day, not just on sunny days, and that goes for people of all skin types. Also, application every 2 hours is essential to your skin safety. Lastly, while a tan might look good – especially when you’re wearing bright clothing, it’s not a measure of health, so don’t treat it as such arenagadgets

Follow these guidelines and always take a moment to check out the veracity of any new claims you hear that sound a little far-fetched. It’s the only way to stay protected. 

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